Table of Contents

  1. About this Table of Contents
  2. Overview of the Blog
  3. The Meditations
  4. The Book
  5. Integration with the Western Worldview
  6. Feeding Our Intellectual Mode of Thought
  7. Caressing Our Intuitive Mode of Thought
  8. Sharing with Others
About this Table of Contents

The Andean Cosmovision–the way the Andean people perceive and interact with reality–is not a set of beliefs or concepts, it cannot be described or encompassed with words.  The Cosmovision can, however be experienced and thus it can be explored.  The only way I can share this beautiful way of experiencing reality is by sharing the various Andean meditations.  Many of my posts cover these meditations. Each meditation is like a portal into another side of reality. I don’t know what you will find there, that will be yours to discover, but if it is beautiful and touches something deep inside of you then you might choose to keep exploring.

The next step is to figure out how to fit those experiences into the rest of who we are, including our intellect with its thoughts and concepts.  And then possibly go further and explore how to integrate this beauty into our lives in Western society, and in doing so to influence the trajectory of our society toward a future of greater beauty and health on the planet.  Many of my posts cover these aspects of the path as well.

Both types of posts, those that describe the meditations and those that describe how to fit the Andean Cosmovision into our lives, are of value to me.  Most of my more recent posts have been of the latter variety, simply because I have basically shared all of the Andean meditations that I know.  Now that I have written so many posts I have become concerned that the meditations might be hard to find in the larger forest of all of the posts.  So, I decided to make a list with links to all of the meditations.  As I was working on that it occurred to me that it might be useful to you if I made a complete Table of Contents with all of the posts organized into various categories.  I have completed the table and it can be found here, it is also listed in the Pages area of the blog in the right side menu on each page.  Please note that when I separate the posts into various categories they no longer represent the order in which I wrote them.  Still, I hope you find this table of contents to be useful.

Overview of the Blog

  • Welcome (start here).  An overview of this blog and of the Andean Cosmovision which it describes.

The Meditations

The Book

I created this blog as a place to publish rough drafts of the various chapters that would become my book:  The Andean Cosmovision:  A Path for Exploring Profound Aspects of Ourselves, Nature, and the Cosmos.  When I had enough material I selected which posts to include in the book, rewrote them, added a few more chapters, and put them in an order that made (artistic) sense to me.  The book is better but it is important to me that the material remain available for free in this blog.  I would love it if you bought my book as it creates ayni (the Andean concept of reciprocity) into our relationship; anyi flowing back from you to me in reciprocity for my sharing what I know of the Andean Cosmovision, and also ayni between our culture and the Andes, for I have been sharing half the profits from the book with the people of the Andes.

Integration with the Western Worldview

There are two aspects to our exploration of the Andean Cosmovision.  The first aspect is actually entering that way of experiencing reality.  The second aspect is how to then integrate what we find there with our lives back here in the West.  In the following posts I share some of the thoughts have found useful in integrating the Cosmovision into my Western worldview.

Feeding Our Intellectual Mode of Thought

Caressing Our Intuitive Mode of Thought

Sharing with Others