Here is my favorite new meditation, from Américo and Gayle Yábar’s workshop here in Salt Lake earlier this month.

  • Stand comfortably.  I prefer to do this outdoors but it can also be done indoors.
  • With your intent (sincere pretending) connect to the energy of the Pachamama through your feet.
  • Gently touch your llankay with the index finger of your preferred hand.  With your intent connect to the energy of your llankay through your finger.
  • With gentle grace raise that hand up to the Cosmos, bringing the energy of your llankay with it (I like to then spread my fingers as if my hand is blossoming).
  • Connect to the energy of the Cosmos through your hand, let that energy flow down your hand into your llankay, transforming the energy of your llankay into Cosmic energy.
  • Repeat this with your munay and your yachay.

These Andean meditations are so simple and yet they can have such a profound and beautiful effect.  I recommend that you do this every morning for a couple of weeks (it only takes a minute), so that you begin the day with this energy, and see what effect it has on you.  Remember that the only meaning of these meditations is the effect they have on you.  If you like the effect you can add this meditation to your daily dance with the Cosmos.

Below is the group photo from the workshop, it was a very special time together, wonderful waikis!  Click on the photo if you’d like to enlarge it.

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