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The Wind Doesn’t Know Where it is Going

For a context for these cryptic quotes please see the post ‘The Flower of Experience’

To not know is better than to know; to not know who you really are, or what is really going on, or what it all means, or what will happen next. There are things we know, and things we don’t know yet but can know, and then there are those things we can never know. Invite the mystery in. The wind does not know where it is going.

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  1. Let’s let the wind have its freedom, but in the Salk’a it is important to know where we are going. Even though we do not have objectives, we know where we are going. This is Salk’a.

    • Oakley Gordon

      April 8, 2013 at 9:48 am

      Hi, at the level of words there can be disputes without end, at the level of meditation there is just everyone’s own experience. Many years ago I co-taught a workshop with a dear friend of mine who comes from a Buddhist perspective. In the first part of the workshop we planned to talk about what our approaches have in common, and in the second part to lead the students through meditative experiences. Much to my surprise my friend and I ended up bickering endlessly during the first part, but then we melded together beautifully during the second part.

      Thank you for expressing your disagreement about the quote concerning knowing were we are going and Salka. In addition to providing another perspective it creates a context for me to say that I don’t mean for these quotes to be considered as being either true or wise. You may find that some of the quotes contradict each other. The best I can do to offer why I am sharing them is expressed in the post The Flower of Experience.

      In a delightful book I’ve cited before ‘Zen without Zen Masters’ Camden Benares points out that all statements are true in some sense, false in some sense, and meaningless in some sense. That certainly applies to everything I write. I’m afraid that as I write this that it sounds like I am trying to set up a context in which I can state anything I want, no matter how false or egregious, without consequence. That is not my intent. I just invite everyone to use for these snippets the criterion of whether or not they enhance your conscious experience, the full expression of your Being, and the beauty of your relationship with Nature and the Cosmos. That they have had, when encountered at the right moment, that effect for me doesn’t mean that they will have the same effect for you. We are the father and mother of our own unique development (yay us!).

      Affectionately, Oakley

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