Hi everyone.

Now that the snows have gone and I am back in the mountains connecting to Nature and the Cosmos; and contemplating the upcoming summer; and seeing what is going on in the world; I find that I really want to get information on the Andean Cosmovision out to as many people as possible. I know that no path is right for everyone, and the Andean Cosmovision is no exception, but for some of us this path resonates with our deepest values, and it holds the possibility of healing Western society’s relationship with Nature and the Cosmos.

This blog, and the book that blossomed out of it, and my experiential classes and workshops, are my ways of sharing the Cosmovision with my society.  If you would like to help I think that would be beautiful.  Below I have listed some requests and ideas, starting with ways of getting the word out on my book.  That is self-serving as I get money from the sales of my book, but my book is also my highest quality effort so far to add a little beauty and salka to our world.

  1. I have just set up a Facebook page for my book (The Andean Cosmovision:  A Path for Exploring Profound Aspects of Ourselves, Nature, and the Cosmos).  If you are on Facebook, if you would go to the Andean Cosmovision Facebook Page and Like it and Share it (on your timeline or with individuals you think might enjoy it) I would really appreciate it.
  2. If you are not on Facebook or your friends are not, then if you could email them the url to the web page for the book (along with a word of what the book is about) that would be great.  The web page for my book is:  www.salkawind.com/Book.
  3. If you have read my book and found it to be of value to you, then if you could write a review of it and either email me the review (info@SalkaWind.com) or review it on Amazon that would be great too.  If you read my book and didn’t get anything out of it, then please whisper your review of it down a well in the middle of a forest at midnight.
  4. The strong sense that has grown in me as I have been doing these meditations for many years is that not only they are good for me, they are also good for and appreciated by Nature and the Cosmos as well.  Just go out in nature and do these meditations.  If they connect with your sense of beauty, and add meaning to the experience of your life, keep it up.  That’s enough, that’s beautiful. You don’t need to write books, or teach meditation classes, you are adding harmony to the Cosmos while the Cosmos is helping you to blossom into the unique flower of the essence of who you are.  Then you can live your life like a work of art.  If you do, then as don Americo says, when you die you won’t be thinking about your car.
  5. You also could write books, and teach meditation classes, or get together with friends to do the Andean meditations, and use the information I have shared from don Americo to open this path for others.

Thank you all for your interest and support and munay.  The adventure continues.


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