This is a meditation that don Americo showed us at the most recent workshops in Utah. It is such a basic, beautiful process.

1) While standing, put your hands out in front of you at the level of your waist with your palms facing the Pachamama. Using your intent, connect through your hands with the energy of the Pachamama. Savor that a bit, letting the connection grow.

2) Then slowly raise your hands above your head, bringing the energy of the Pachamama with you, until your palms are facing up to the Cosmos, and send the energy of the Pachamama to the Cosmos.

3) Now, receive the energy of the Cosmos as it flows back down into your hands. With your intent, collect the energy in your right hand.

4) When you have collected energy from the Cosmos slowly bring your two palms together (still over your head) and let the energy flow from your right hand into your left hand and down into the left side of your Being.

5) Bring both hands down slowly to your heart and transform that energy into love.

6) Again put your hands out in front of you at waist level and send that love down to the Pachamama.

I like to enjoy that last step for a while and then I repeat the cycle a couple more times, getting in touch with the circular flow of energy from the Pachamama to me to the Cosmo, from the Cosmos back into me, transforming it into love, and sending it to the Pachamama. It can be a most eloquent and touching dance of ourselves, the Pachamama, and the Cosmos.

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