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Transforming Energy

Transforming energy…that is paqo work‘. Americo Yabar

This meditation is somewhat advanced in that it would help if you have a basic understanding of certain aspects of the Andean Cosmovision and have played around with some of the other meditations. I recommend–if you haven’t already—that you first read the posts on intent and the Three Centers of Being and explore the three centers of being through the meditations described in the posts Exploring the Three Centers of Being and Tuning the Three Centers of Being.   This meditation for transforming energy is simple enough to comprehend intellectually, but what counts is to understand it experientially, and you well get a juicier experience if you are already familiar with your three centers of being.

Transforming the basic nature of energy is a part of the path of the Andean paq’o. Through the use of intent it is a surprisingly easy thing to do. We transformed energy, for example, in the simple meditation Saiwachakuy. If you haven’t done that meditation you might want to start with it and then come back to this one after you have played around with what it is like to transform energy.

This meditation is an excellent one to dive into when we have too much energy in one of our three centers of being. In our yachay this may take the form of not being able to stop thinking about something (obsessing about it) or having our thoughts race around out of control (this is particularly a problem when trying to get to sleep). In our munay this may take the form of our being all caught up in some whirlpool of emotion and not being able to climb out of it. In our llankay this may take the form of strong sexual arousal. The goal of this meditation is not to get rid of the energy but instead to take advantage of its presence and strength and play around with transforming it, in doing so we learn more about ourselves…and we become transformed as well..

I will describe how to do this meditation within the context of starting with strong energy in our yachay. It will be easy, however, to then see how to modify this if we are starting with strong energy in our llankay or munay instead.

You can do this either sitting down or standing up, just be sure that you are in a posture where you can easily take quick, deep breaths. I also recommend that you be sitting or standing comfortably upright, oriented in a vertical direction rather than a horizontal one (e.g. not laying down).

Ok, once you have yourself situated, begin by immersing yourself into the strong energy you have in your llachay. This should be easy as you are doing this meditation because you can’t get out of your head in the first place. Attend to how the energy in your head is expressing itself through your thought processes.

Then, with intent coupled with a sharp exhalation, toss that energy down into your munay. Experience how the energy is expressed when it is in your munay. Notice how the energy is different when it is in your munay compared to when it is in your head. Immerse yourself for a while in the experience of the energy in your munay. Then, with intent and a sharp inhalation, toss the energy from your munay back into your yachay. Keep it there long enough to experience again what the energy is like when it is in your yachay.

Next, with intent and a sharp exhalation toss the energy from your yachay all the way down into your llankay . Experience how the energy is expressed when it is in your llankay. Immerse yourself in that experience for a while. Then, with a sharp inhalation, toss the energy from your llankay back into your yachay, and notice again what it is like when it is in your yachay.

Finally, with intent couple with a sharp exhalation toss the energy from your yachay into your spiritual realm a little ways above your head. Notice how the energy feels when it is expressed in your spiritual realm. Immerse yourself in that experience. To conclude the meditation you can leave the energy there, or move it down into whatever center you want, or just keep tossing it around for a while to experientially explore your centers of Being.

Believe me, this is not a meditation you will get anything out of by simply reading about it.

Follow the same basic pattern if you are starting with an excess of emotional energy in your munay or an excess of sexual energy in your llankay. I hasten to add that there is nothing ‘bad’ about having a lot of intellectual or emotional or sexual energy. This process doesn’t get rid of the energy, the energy instead becomes a flying carpet for exploring the other ways we have of being in the world…with the volume turned up (to hopelessly mix my metaphors). Wherever you start, toss the energy to one of the other three centers, and then back, and then to the other center, and back, and finally up to the spiritual realm, and then leave the energy where you choose. When I am trying to get to sleep and my mind is racing I may end by giving the energy to the Pachamama when I am done, for leaving it anywhere may be too stimulating for falling asleep.

Some thoughts I’d like to share:

* I find this to be a very juicy way to explore the various aspects of my Being.

* It gives me a way to transform my experience without having to deny or fight or resist the excessive energy I may have in one of my centers of Being. In that way it is a loving response to myself.

* Transforming the energy by moving it into a different center of our Being is an act of volition on our part, another way we have of deciding how to dance with the great mystery of the Cosmos and the great mystery of who we are as Beings in this Cosmos. When the energy moves to another center it transforms us, that aspect of our Being blossoms a bit more. Are we transforming the energy or is it transforming us? To me that is the beauty of the Andean Cosmovision, we don’t control Nature, Nature doesn’t control us. We are instead in relationship with Nature, a relationship directed by ayni and munay, and full of salka. The spin-off of this relationship is that we find ourselves blossoming in beauty, and I believe that Nature does as well.

This meditation (more or less) is from don Americo Yabar.

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  1. I like that you discribe this as juicy and the process as dancing. It gives the light touch that is so much a part of the salk’a, out of the head, into the heart and out into the world. thank you as always.

  2. A powerful but fun exercise. As you point out, there’s no resistance to or fighting the excess energy.

  3. I love this! It made me think that I would like to have a ball that I held at each center and toss with the breath. I think I will try it sometime 🙂
    Thanks Oakley!

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