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Being in Peru

I am a little hesitant to post a picture of my mug and comment on it in this blog, it seems so self-aggrandizing.  This photo of me from my most recent trip, however, really shows what it is like for me to be in Peru.  Click on the photo to get a zoomed view of it and look at my eyes.  In the Andean Cosmovision the left side of Being is ‘lloqe’, it is our connection to the ineffable mystery of the Cosmos. My left eye looks like I am peering into the mystery of the void.  The ride side of our Being is ‘paña’, our connection to our everyday life. My right eye is full of love. And my hair, of course, is ‘salka’ (undomesticated energy). I love being in Peru.



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  1. Nice description of your picture! Yes, I love being in peru as well. The land , the people, the mountains touch our hearts ( and eyes and hairs …) with beauty

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