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The Flower of Experience

I have over the years created quite a collection of notes from my times with Americo; instructions for various ways of meditating and quotes that seemed particularly relevant at the time.  As I prepare to teach a salka class I often review those notes to remind myself of the many and various meditations I have learned from him.  Occasionally as I do I run across something he said that is particularly relevant to how I am right now, some quote that I’ve read dozens of times but this particular time seems especially relevant.  I pause and then it is like my energy opens up, blossoms, from within.  The next time I read through my notes the quote is again just like all the other quotes.

The particular relevance of any quote at any particular time is probably due to how I am at that moment in my life.  It might, however, also reflect what we are all facing right now.  In other words, it might be relevant to you as well, either now or in the future, so I would like to start sharing them with you.  My invitation is to occasionally look over them as I do and see if any of them are exactly what you could use at that particular moment.  They may only make sense to you at that time and at other times appear to be too cryptic.  After all these years I don’t know if the crypticness of the quotes is due to how Americo said them or how I wrote them down, and I find myself hesitant to expand them in the same way I would be hesitant to expand someone else’s poem.   I’ll post them all under the category of ‘Snippets’ to make it easier for you to gather them all together.   You can view just one category of posts by selecting it from the list of categories on the right side of this page.

By the way, I know it has been quite a while since I’ve written a post.  Nice to see you again.

Investigate life, the flower of experience.  Amplify the consciousness and the ecstasy.  Investigate the illumination that is energetic (not conceptual or religious).  Connect with the internal movement of life, life without ego, a connection with the laws of the Cosmos.  Do not be distracted by social and political things, they block the Being of yourself.

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  1. Thanks, Waiki –
    A appreciate that you continue to send out to the wired world Don Americo’s words of Love, Salka, and connection to the Cosmos and Pachamama. In Munay, Johanna Alper

  2. Perfect. Thanks.

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