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Three Stones Energy Alignment

This meditation is a very nice way to start to work with quyas (also spelled q’uyas). A quya is a stone with which you have a special relationship. Working with quyas is a neighborhood of the Andean Cosmovision we haven’t visited before in this blog, it is well worth exploring.

For this meditation you need to find three stones to serve as quyas. You will be lying down and placing the quyas on various locations of your body, and so that will influence the size and shape of the stones you select. As the stones will be resting on your body that limits their size (i.e. smaller than a boulder). I like the stones to be heavy enough to feel their presence on my body (i.e. larger than a pebble). It is also nice if the stone is not so round that it keeps rolling off. Smooth, flattish, stones from a river seem to work particularly well. To find your quyas go to a place that has a selection of stones (e.g. a river bank). Use your intent to identify those stones that are willing to be in relationship with you. This part of the process will be different for everyone, some people look for stones that kind of ‘stand out’ as they let their eyes wander over the stones, or they detect stones that seem to want to speak to them, or they just get a feeling when considering the stone. You may want to pick up the stone to see/hear/feel if it is willing to come into relationship with you. Just use your intent, sincere pretending, and come back with three stones.

Before starting check out your energy, what it feels like to be you right now. This will be the baseline for noticing the effect of the meditation. Lie on your back and place one quya on your forehead (over your yachay…the center of your intellect), place the second quya over your heart (over your munay…the center of your emotions), and place the third quya just below your navel (over your llankay…the center of your physical body). Take a few deep breaths and relax. Then, with intent, connect each of your three energy centers with their corresponding quyas. Continue to relax and let the quyas align and harmonize your energy centers. Attend to your energy and to your connections with the quyas. Lie there for as long as you would like or far as long as you experience that shifts are occurring in your energy. When you are finished, remove (and thank) the quyas, sit up and notice how you feel. Any shift in what your energy was like before the meditation and what it is like after the meditation is by definition the effect the meditation has on you. If you like that effect then add this to your repertoire of how to be a maestro of your own energy, how to be in relationship with Nature, and how to make your life a work of art.

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  1. Thanks, Oakley. A good explanation for a sweet process.

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