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In this post I would like to set the stage for where I will be going next in this blog. First I would like to backup a bit and review where we have been.

I have been exploring the Andean Cosmovision for the past 21 years under the tutelage of my mentor don Americo Yabar of Peru. Several years ago don Americo began encouraging me to write a book about the Andean Cosmovision, but I had a hard time getting started. It was such a huge project. Then I created this blog and began publishing pieces of what I could share. After I got all the pieces expressed in posts I rearranged them, rewrote them, and published them as my book The Andean Cosmovision. It contains both instructions on how to explore the Cosmovision through various salka meditations, and it also provides a poetic/conceptual framework for integrating what we find in those explorations with our life here in the West.

After my book became available I added a few more meditations here in the blog that did not make it into my book, primarily the meditations that involve more than just ourselves. Then my posting rather ground to a halt. I realize that I have expressed just about everything I can at this point of my own journeying about how to explore the Andean Cosmovision. How to explore the Cosmovision is the most important thing I can share, for the Cosmovision cannot be understood through concepts or ideas nor encompassed by words. It can only be understood by experiencing what is available through the various Andean meditations.

I still have a lot I would like to share, however, about the Andean Cosmovision. I would like to turn my writing now more toward the yachay (our intellect). This will be a different type of discourse, more philosophical. I hope you find these posts to be useful, or at least interesting (I wouldn’t share these thoughts if they weren’t both useful and interesting to me). I still may, at any moment, turn back to how to explore the Cosmovision, when I have new information along those lines that I feel capable of sharing.

There are two threads of thought I would like to develop. I would like to be free to switch from one thread to the other as I publish my posts . To keep this from being too confusing I will call the two threads of thought Thread A and Thread B (rather like Dr. Seuss’ Thing One and Thing Two). With each post I will identify, in its title, to which thread it belongs.

Thread A: In this thread I would like to share more of my understanding of the Andean Cosmovision within the context of considering other paths that lead to the same territory. This allows me to step back and consider what all these paths (and reality) are about.

Thread B: My strategy in life has been basically to surf the waves of my interests and see where I end up. Much to my delight, and to the great satisfaction of my heart and soul, I ended up in the high Andes of Peru. Recently I was invited to give a presentation about my work in Peru to my department (the psychology department at the University of Utah). As I was preparing for the presentation I looked back over my decades of work and I was surprised (in retrospect I should not have been) to see that everything that has engaged my interest in academia has led up to what I am doing in Peru. With this thread I would like to share that history as I weave a large conceptual tapestry that has the Andean Cosmovision at its heart.

After a long break in writing I now anticipate the posts coming out in a rather steady flow. The first post of Thread A is entitled “The Other Side of Reality“.

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  1. Wonderful Gordon – I am sure this will be a rich contribution- perhaps in ways you (we) cannot yet see…but it feels organic and appropriate- I am looking forward to your offerings. And thank you again for you work here and your contribution to Don Americo’s vision.

  2. Keep those posts coming, baby. I’m looking forward to Thread B as well as Thread A. Hugs.

  3. Thanks millions. The kind of multi-disciplinary, trans-traditional (though pivoting on the Andean Cosmovision) thinking & stylistically rich writing you do here does skillfully pry open the “doors of perception” – as it does in your book – affording much needed access to Rumi’s boundless “field”, Buddha’s “Suchness”, Blake’s infinite things as they really are. Immensely interesting & practical, a bridge between intellect & Reality (or beyond intellect to Reality). Very much looking forward to more of both threads.

    • Oakley Gordon

      February 5, 2016 at 11:39 am

      Thanks Doug. I put these things out there without knowing if people will find them of value. It is nice to know…

      • I’m sure there are many others who are – or will be – equally appreciative, but whose voices you will never hear.

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