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There are many Andean meditations for getting rid of ‘hucha’ (pronounced ‘hoocha’). Hucha can be translated as ‘heavy’ or ‘discordant’ or ‘chaotic’ energy (‘heavy’ describes how hucha feels while ‘discordant’ or ‘chaotic’ describes more what it is). For me the prototypical example of hucha is how I feel after a bad day at work, my energy feels heavy and unpleasant and I feel disconnected from the underlying beauty of the world. Note that hucha is not ‘evil’ or ‘negative’ energy, which are concepts I have not encountered in my studies of the Andean Cosmovision. Hucha is not accompanied by a moral evaluation and there is no moral imperative to get rid of hucha in yourself or in others. Getting rid of hucha simply moves us from an unpleasant state to a much more pleasant one.

In addition to getting rid of hucha simply because I feel better when I do, I also get rid of my hucha as a preliminary step before moving on to the meditations that involve coming into harmony with various elements of Nature and the Cosmos (to be covered in later posts). I will be sharing at least a couple of ways of getting rid of hucha, first in ourselves and then in others. As hucha is such a fundamental aspect of the Andean Cosmovision I wanted to present it on its own so that I can refer back to it in later posts.

If I may wax theoretical for a moment, hucha is the byproduct of our society and of our ego when they place demands upon us that take us out of harmony with our natural state of being. Society has created a world where for us to live and succeed we need to follow rules that are disconnected from our relationship with Nature. Our ego (all of our concepts about ourselves) primarily involves our identity within that separated-from-nature realm. Our society is what it is, and we need to act within it, and to do so may sometimes generate hucha within ourselves; leaving us feeling heavy, disconnected, out of harmony. When we get rid of hucha we are free to be in harmony with the larger system of Nature and the Cosmos.

[A subsequent post Releasing Hucha gives a meditation for getting rid of hucha within ourselves].

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  1. Oakley Gordon

    June 18, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    Hi, there was something nagging at me when I posted this, and I figured out what it was: after making the point that there is no moral imperative to get rid of hucha I then sneaked a moral imperative into the last two sentences. I have since edited the post to get rid of that. I think the post is better for the change.

  2. Oakley – I am loving your blog and so appreciate your excellent way of sharing the heart of these Andean teachings. Keep up the fine work!

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