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Peeling the Onion

Many, many years ago, when I first started down a spiritual path I thought it would be a path of slowly increasing bliss. When I tell that to people now we all sit back and laugh. Instead what I found is that I had a lot of encrustation to get rid off, gunk (to use a polite term) that I had picked up in my life, decisions I had made about how to approach life that led to times of pain and depression, beliefs that I had adopted from family and friends and society and then incorporated into my personal identity even though the weren’t mine, unhelpful assumptions about what I can and cannot do, should and should not do. The path for me has been one of working my way through all of that in search of the experience of the essence of who I really am and my true relationship with the Cosmos.

I don’t know any way to get beyond those issues other than going through them, and the process can be painful. The result of moving past one, however, leads to joy and a sense of liberation and a step closer to who I really am. This is what keeps me going. Then, the next one arises and the pain and/or depression returns until I move past that. Sometimes it seems that an old issue surfaces again and again and I despair that I will never get past it. But in looking back over the years I can see that when I feel like I am facing yet again an issue I’ve worked on many times before that it is more like I am in a spiral, and as I come across it again it is from a higher spot, and what I learn this time takes me closer to the center of my existence.

To paraphrase Americo: We are like onions, we keep peeling away one layer after another to finally get to the center, and that process is both painful and beautiful. And, when we get to the center, we find nothing….we find we are ‘no thing’.

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  1. Well said, Waiki. Thank you for sharing your personal experience of peeling. Love your honesty and clarity.

  2. Well said. I believe that at the center of the peeled onion is that perfect child that came into this world…that being prior to all the worldly experiences and labels..given often with good intentions but sometimes from the darkness of others injuries. Americo loves to enjoy life and I think that is an importance balance to peeling the onion…breathing the fresh air of the mountains and feeling the sun on our faces..enjoying the journey and gifts that life gives us…

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