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The Andean Cosmovision cannot be described or encompassed with words. It can, however, be experienced and thus it can be explored. The two essential pieces of this exploration are; the various meditative processes that take us into that territory, and the special relationship with nature and the Cosmos that this path nourishes. That is all you need. The meditations, and the relationship, open a portal into profound, new, unbounded territory. Your life and the Cosmos become a great mystery that you will never solve. The path leads nowhere. It doesn’t make sense to try to go as far as you can. The beauty and the value are in the walking of the path. Distance traveled fades in favor of making our walk through life a work of art.

The meditations are great and wonderful. They have effects that are apparent immediately. They are new steps in our dance with the Cosmos. The real magic, however, comes from our relationship with nature and the Cosmos. When we connect to the Pachamama, or to the Apus, or to the stars, or to Mama Tuta in a relationship of ayni, directed by our munay, and stop our “doing” and begin to “not do“, then everything changes. If the time is right, then a deep facet of our own Being gets into cahoots with the Cosmos, and we change. It is an initiation, not in the sense of joining a club, but in the sense of being initiated into another way we can be in the world.

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful message.

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