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My book “The Andean Cosmovision: A Path for Exploring Profound Aspects of Ourselves, Nature, and the Cosmos”  is a how-to guide for exploring the Andean Cosmovision. The Andean Cosmovision is a way of perceiving and interacting with reality that is found in the indigenous culture of the high Andes. It is fundamentally different than the Western worldview. This Cosmovision is not a set of concepts or beliefs. It cannot be described or encompassed by words. It can, however, be experienced and it can be explored. This exploration is carried out through meditations which serve as portals for exploring new facets of ourselves and the Cosmos. These meditations also nourish a more loving and mutually-supportive relationship between ourselves and nature. Within this relationship we begin to blossom into the essence of who we each uniquely are.

The book presents both the Andean (salka) meditations and the concepts that help us to integrate this path with our life here in the West.  It is the loving product of my 22 years of studying the Andean Cosmovision under the tutelage of my mentor and friend don Américo Yábar of Peru, and Gayle Yábar, and the many other paq’os (Andean mystics/shamans) and healers with whom don Américo has arranged for me to work.

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Reviews and Award

Award: Shaman Portal Book of the Month

A Very Nice Email:

Hi Dr. Gordon,

I just wanted to thank you for writing your book.  I´ve read so many books on Peruvian mysticism/shamanism etc. and I think yours is really perfect. I appreciate you taking the time to write it and always recommend it to others when I am guiding them in Peru. Peru is such a sacred place…I feel like my most magical and also my darkest moments have been experience en la sagrada tierra Peruana….you can probably relate.  🙂

Reviews on Amazon:

Wonderful, open source information on Q’ero mysticism. I love this author’s simple, easy to follow approach and his open-hearted gift of this information to other serious students of Earth based wisdom. He’s not trying to sell you a spiritual retreat or a $2400.00 training program. He’s just sharing his passion for this way of life. Bravo!

– – – – –

With an arm around our shoulders, Oakley leads us up and into the high Andes, introducing us to her majesty, her divinity, her heart, her people, and her mysteries that touch the Infinite. Exquisitely written as a narrative of self-discovery, The Andean Cosmovision is a must read for anyone interested in, or already deeply in love with, Andean mysticism.

– – – – –

Oakley has spent years opening to the understanding of the wild culture that still lives in the high Peruvian mountains. These beautiful people have retained an innocence and a power that is truly sacred. The very real movement insights that are given here are precious and integral to our connection to nature and our heart. This may be the key to the preservation of the important elements of humankind.

– – – – –

Oakley Gordon, a long-time student of the wisdom of the High Andes, does an excellent job in delivering the message to us, city dwellers of the western world. Very clear and practical examples of connecting to natural energies and of balancing ourselves in a respectful way. His autobiographical tone combined with the understanding that all of us experiences the World around us differently makes it even more useful and credible: “Here is the path, here are my experiences, it is working for me – maybe it will for you too. Find your home in Nature, experience and grow!”

The book also documents in a very readable way the wisdom of the people living in the High Andes. It is the icing on the cake. Thank you!

– – – – –

Anyone interested in understanding Peruvian philosophy and wisdom, a precursor to curanderismo, should read this book. don Americo Yabar came to lead a workshop on Salka at my school and he was very kind and full of life. This is a great book with lots of information with short and easy to read chapters explaining how the people of the Andes see reality, much different than some of the major religions today and Western society.

– – – – –

Good! Gave me an idea about andean spirituality before my trip to Peru. I just wanted to have my opinion about it. I follow eastern philosophy and practice some advanced pranayama techniques, found a lot of similarities to my surprise

– – – – –

(The title of the following review was “I keep this book strapped to my body.”)

I love this book. It is so well written and is a great guide to the simple everyday practices of loving nature and loving each other.

– – – – –

This is a beautiful little book, based on Mr. Oakley’s blog entries, about the Andean Cosmovision. He beautifully captures the essence of many of the teachings and practices that one can learn while studying with a Peruvian paqo. Many of the meditations are those also given to me by my own teachers in Peru, and they are described with ease and economy; anyone can follow them.

It is sometimes difficult to write about this subject, but Mr. Oakley does so simply and cleanly, and in a way that cuts through confusion. Don’t be fooled: this is a slim volume, but it contains much. If one were to read and follow this little volume, it would keep you busy for a few years! Highly recommended.

(Note that this is a common mistake, my last name is Gordon, first name Oakley)

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  1. Dear Oakley,
    I am currently in the valle sagrada and would love to get a copy of your book. I am staying in Huaran. Do you know of someplace local where I can get your book? Are there people that you might recommend that I meet?
    Thank you for your work in the world, Joellen

    • Oakley Gordon

      February 9, 2017 at 10:11 am

      Hi Joellen,

      Actually, I don’t know. Will Amazon or Barnes & Noble ship to Peru? Bookstores can order the book wholesale, I wonder if a bookstore in Peru, particularly one that carries English titles, could order you a copy. Then there are also the electronic versions which might be easier to obtain. As far as people I recommend that you meet, I always work with don Américo Yábar and don Gayle Yábar and I certainly recommend them. Through them I’ve also worked with the Q’ero and with paq’os and healers from other areas but I would not know how to contact them directly. I would like to give you at least something, and that would be advice (which with $4 will get you a cup of coffee). If you are drawn to the same type of paths that I am, I recommend that you determine from your own munay whether the person you might work with is operating from their heart (and not their ego), and that their focus is on service to others and to the Cosmos (and not to power).

  2. Dear Oakley,

    I don’t know if you still have access to or monitor traffic to your blog and messages like this one, but if you do hopefully you will see mine.

    I found your post about Andean cosmovision and I was intrigued by the Machukuna. The reason I found it was quite by accident. I was trying to write a horror about the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, having been there with my late father in 2014 (what a breathtaking place). Let’s just say the old mountain stirred my creative juices. I had a cast list, good guys and bad, a loose plot, but I felt like something was lacking. And then I came upon the Machukuna and have found my monster. The book is complete, major editing and rewriting aside, but I was just wondering if it would be possible to quote the story of the Machukuna at the start of my book and reference yourself and the blog.

    Many thanks


    • Oakley Gordon

      August 29, 2023 at 4:41 pm

      Hi Robin, one might wonder whether or not I am still involved in my blog…but I am! Thank you for checking with me about this. Yes, that is fine with me. I am intrigued on how it works out. Sincerely, Oakley

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