I’m busy working with some waikis to nourish a salka community here in Salt Lake.  Here is something I came across in my old notes that I would like to share.  It comes from an interview with Americo Yabar in the Shaman’s Drum (Fall, 1994).

Hal Bennett:  In terms of meeting our global crisis, do you feel going out in this way–to have direct contact with Nature and the Cosmos–is more important than going out and talking with other people?

Americo:  Yes, yes, absolutely!  It is much more important in all aspects:  therapeutically, intellectually, spiritually–in all ways.  We have to speak to the mountains in the mountains, to communicate with the spirits of nature in nature.  If you go to the river, the river doesn’t lie to you; the river cleanses you.  The wind cleanses you.  The ancient voices and the spirit of a tree can give you much.  These are the only constant and direct presences of the Divine.

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