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It is not about ‘us’.

I would like to share the following thoughts and feelings as we head into the new year.  I have decided this once to skip all of the links to posts covering the terms that I use, and to just write what I want to say.

There are many, many aspects of the path of the Andean Cosmovision that I value greatly.  Walking this path has touched those parts of me that rejoice in the presence of beauty and love, it has given me the sense of living a life that has deeper meaning than I can possible put into words or thoughts.  It has been a great adventure, calling at times upon both my courage and my perseverance.  When I tire and wonder if this is where I want to be wandering I turn a corner and something completely unexpected arises to fill me with wonder.  When my everyday life seems mundane I find that the meditations open me up yet again to the ineffable mystery that is the Cosmos and my existence as a Being in that Cosmos.  And…this path is not about me.

This path is not about me, it is not about ‘us, it is about ‘Us’.  You, me, the waikis in our lives, the waikis across the planet, the Andean people, the Apus, Pachamama, the stars, the trees, the rivers, Mama Tuta, Tai Tai Inti, Mama Killa.  As we walk this path we are all dancing with each other, and composing the music at the same time.  With the meditations we open ourselves to the greater melody.  Though our finite yachays may only discern our own part of the melody there is a deeper knowing that something much greater, driven by love and hope and dressed in beauty, is going on.

If you enjoy the immediate effects of the meditations then consider persevering and see what happens over the long run.  More and more will open up.  If you sense that the effects of the meditations don’t resonate with what you most deeply value, then move on to a different path.  No path is right for everyone, nor does everyone have the same destination in mind.  Trust yourself and your deeper knowing.

Here are some guiding stars for the upcoming year.  I have written them to you so that they may resonate with you, but they are actually what I intend to do.

    • Make your life a work of art.
    • Remember to let the mystery in.
    • Continue to explore your presence as a Being in this Cosmos.

Thanks everyone for all of your support and your great hearts.



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  1. Many blessings to you and your family in the New Year, Oakley. The trip to Boulder, Utah was a highlight of the year for me! Warm hugs to you waiki.

  2. Thank you Waiki. I am planning on getting my Salka classes up and running this coming year.
    I look forward to welcoming you to UK. Lets see what the Cosmos has in store for us all! Bright Blessings and Happy New Year!

  3. Lovely thought! I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much it’s meant to me to stumble upon our blog and your book since falling in love with Andean cosmology and the Q’ero people a short couple of months ago. I love your “open source” and truthful, simple sharing of the teachings and your personal experiences. It honors the people and the vision. We are all blessed.

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