Some days the magic happens, and some days it doesn’t.‘ Chief Dan George in the movie Little Big Man

Some months the writing flows, and some months it doesn’t.‘ Me

While I’m rewriting the posts for my book I thought I would add to the blog by sharing some more meditations. These come from my notes from earlier workshops with don Americo back when he used to come to the United States. I have been culling them from my notes and sharing them in the salka classes I have been teaching, giving us a chance to explore the meditations and the effects they have on us. The following is one we have liked quite a bit, and yes (everyone say this in unison) it is quite simple.

This meditation is about the horizontal and vertical aspects of our existence. They meet at our heart.

I recommend you prepare your energy and self for this meditation in the usual way. First, get in touch with the Pachamama (Touching Pachamama) to organize your energy and to get into harmony with her energy. Then, rid yourself of hucha (Releasing Hucha). Once in that space just relax for a bit and be where you are, there is no rush.

Now stand and slowly spread your arms out wide to your side as if to give the whole Cosmos an embrace. Get in touch with your life here on this planet spread out horizontally in front of you, your triumphs and failures, your joys and despairs, your hopes and disappointments, your optimism and worries, your serenity and your anxieties and your pain. Slowly gather all of your life in with your arms in a big embrace and bring it into your heart with your hands. When it enters your heart let your energy flow now vertically…and transcend. Savor that experience for a while. Then, if you wish, repeat the process again, slowly, as many times as you wish.

The ‘meaning’ of this meditation is the effect it has on your own personal experience. It doesn’t matter what other people get out of this, it is how it affects you that counts.  From your experience decide if this is something you would like more of in your life.  Enjoy.  Oakley.

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