Many thanks to my friend Angela for sharing her notes from don Americo’s workshop here in Utah in July.

Observe what is doing you harm. Sometimes our Being, our energy, gets caught in a bottle. Take responsibility for getting out of the bottle. Figure out the most intelligent way to get out of that bottle. Get out of the bottle and don’t go in again. Remember that it is always a magician who is caught in a bottle. And as a bit of common sense…don’t climb into other people’s bottles.

In the bottle your energy cannot flow. There are many doors and windows for escaping the bottle. Our minds can make things very complicated. You simply have to free the flow of your energy and you will be out of the bottle: sit next to a stream and with your intent connect your energy to the flowing water of the stream; get in touch with your salka energy (it always flows); or connect to the Cosmos with profound trust. Total fluidity comes when we are dissolved into the Cosmos, like dissolving into the aroma of a beautiful flower.

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