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Tai Tai Inti

I continue to work on my book and occasionally post something new on this blog (see the previous post). The nice thing about a book, compared to a blog, is that there is a better chance that readers will start at the beginning and thus will have essential experiences and information under their belts for the later material and meditations. For today’s post I would like to assume that you have read through a lot of the previous material so that I can skip having to provide the conceptual framework. If you haven’t, then I recommend that you first read at least the posts on the Andean CosmovisionIntent, and Salka.

The essence of the Andean approach is to connect with Nature, connect with Nature, and then connect with Nature. Connect with the Pachamama, with the Apus, with the stars, with the trees, with the rivers tumbling down the mountain side, with the condor riding the thermals up into the clouds. In this post I would like to share with you how to connect with Tai Tai Inti, the great Being of conscious energy who is our sun.

Begin by taking a sun shower, let the sunlight flow over you like water, and with your intent (sincere pretending) wash your outer body and energy in the sunlight as if you are taking a shower. Then, stand facing Tai Tai Inti and let the sunlight flow into your Being. With your intent be like a flower soaking in the sun. Let the sunlight fill your body until it starts coming out of your pores (you may find that it will take your hucha away with it).

Connecting with Tai Tai Inti in the morning can fill you full of the active energy you need to get through the day; to do chores, go to work, chop wood and carry water. Connecting with Tai Tai Inti later in the day, shortly before sunset, prepares your energy for the evening. The energy of the evening is for turning inward, moving into the mysteries that lie in the night and that other reality of our dreams. Connecting with Nature puts us into harmony with the cycles of Nature, in this case our Being goes into harmony with the cycle of the day.

There is also a very special and beautiful meditation that can be performed at sunrise. Go someplace where you can be in nature to watch the sun rise. Arrive in time to settle down and meditate before the sun rises. Notice your energy, how it feels to be you, when you first sit down. As you are waiting for the sun to appear over the horizon turn off your internal dialog and let your energy merge with the world around you, the trees, the birds, and particularly the Pachamama. As the sun gets nearer and nearer to rising get in touch with the energy of Pachamama as she slowly turns her head to greet the arrival of her loved one. Then, experience the glory and beauty of the arrival of the sun from the first bead of light until the disk has risen completely above the horizon. When you are finished notice how the energy of the natural world around you has changed from the time you first sat down. Notice your own energy and how it has been affected by this experience. As with all of the Andean meditations, the only meaning of the meditation is the effect it has on you, so notice it and decide whether it is a beneficial experience worth repeating.

Note: Some people refer to Tai Tai Inti as Inti Tai Tai, “I’ve heard it both ways” (Shawn Spencer). ‘Inti’ is the sun, ‘Tai Tai’ is a title of greatest formality and respect.

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  1. Greetings! Thank you for sharing this beautiful meditation. As I dance with the cosmovision of the Q’ero, I seek ways that I can both preserve the unique cultural characteristics and communicate how profound and healing this medicine is to a western audience. You have done that beautifully here. Thank you.

    • Oakley Gordon

      March 4, 2020 at 5:12 pm

      You are so welcome. It keeps me going when I hear that people are getting into and getting something out of the meditations.

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