On a lighter note…

On the same trip (organized by Carla Woody) in which we visited Killarumi (a place of feminine energy) we also visited a place of male energy. It consists of one large phallus (visible in the photo) with a place to put offerings and a score of smaller phalluses. Some of the latter have been planted head down to balance the flow of energy in both vertical directions. Andeans still visit this ancient site to give offerings and meditate when they need to revitalize their sexual energy.

The normal practice when the Spanish conquered this part of the world was to destroy the indigenous temples and build churches or cathedrals in their place. They also built churches on or next to sacred sites, including this one (see the photo below). Note what is on the very top of the church. Some time ago a priest proposed removing the phallus from the top of the church but there was such a public outcry that this plan was abandoned.

One of the women on our trip purchased a postcard of the main phallus/altar to send to her husband. She asked for suggestions on what to write. I proposed  “Having a wonderful time, wish you were here”.

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