The path to a greater experience of salka does not depend upon a specific set of beliefs, nor does it depend upon connecting with a certain teacher, it depends simply upon you, and Nature, and the Cosmos.

Of the three centers of your being the best place to focus your attention is in your munay. When light and energy grow in your munay then they also flow to your llachay and llankay.

Connect with Nature, connect with Nature, connect with Nature. Connect with the Pachamama, with the Apus, with the stars, with the trees, with the rivers tumbling down the mountain side, with the condor riding the thermals up into the clouds. The Andean Cosmovision gives you the freedom to do this, that is its main utility.

Connect through your munay, dance with Nature and the Cosmos, ayni will provide the music.

There are times to be on the right side and times to be on the left side; times to be feminine and times to be masculine; times to be your own mother and times to be your own father; times to operate from your intellect, times to operate from your heart, and times to operate from your body; there are times to engage in the dance and times to withdraw and gather your energy. You are not the various facets of your being, you are the diamond, you can be found in the profound silence of the Cosmos.

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