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Podcast Episode 4: Love to Pachamama Meditation

This meditation only takes a couple of minutes, and may be done while sitting down or standing up. As usual with the Andean Meditations, this meditation is best done out in the beauty of nature, but it may also be done indoors.

Over time this meditation engenders a beautiful blossoming of our relationship with the Cosmos.

To download the episode click on “Download“, if an audio player appears and begins to play the episode, right click on it and then select “Save Audio”.



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  1. Give and Receive…..
    Give and Receive…

    Pachamama always available. Sometimes I feel she misses me when I am not sharing abundance with her. She wants to receive, spin around my energies, filter these energies and then….boom….gives these refined energies back to me in a sweet, sweet way. Well now….this sure seems to be some kinda special way of loving her and our Selves beyond the beyond. Grace.

    Thank You.

  2. Thank you for continuing to share

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