The Andean path that I have learned from don Americo Yabar has an inherent appreciation for natural balance. There are times, for example, when we want to be fully engaged in the energy of what is going on around us, dancing with it, being influenced by it and influencing it in return. There are also times when we may want to take a break from the dance and withdraw into the sanctuary of our own Being, to be contemplative rather than active, to rest. Here is a simple meditation which gives you that choice.

Begin by standing with your weight evenly balanced on your feet, and notice your present state, how your energy feels, what it is like to be you right now. Then, take one step forward and spread your arms in a gesture of opening up your energy field. Do this with the intent (sincere pretending) of letting your energy flow out and connect with the environment around you. Remain in this position long enough to perceive how this shifts your experience. Then, step back and bring your arms back in to a shielding position (e.g. cross your forearms on your chest). Do this with the intent of drawing in your energetic connections and creating a protective wall between you and your environment. The flavor of this latter position is not that of putting up a siege barrier, it is more that of entering a haven where you can relax within yourself.* Spend some time getting in touch with how this affects your experience.

The movements and gestures are like training wheels that support the corresponding intent, making the shift more obvious and thus easier to learn. You may find that other movements than the ones I described help you to shift into the appropriate state of being. After you have practiced this for a while the supporting physical movement can become more and more subtle until you can work with intent alone.

Source: don Americo Yabar

* This meditation can be used to avoid picking up hucha from what is going on around you, but I don’t want to presuppose that if you don’t like what is going on around you that the best option is to withdraw. There are also different meditations/processes that can serve you when you specifically want to protect yourself from hostile energy in your vicinity.

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