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Transforming Personal Energy into Cosmic Energy

Hi, this is my current, favorite, meditation.  It transforms my energy in a way that both helps me through these difficult times and also puts me in a state where I feel more available to be part of the solution.  I offer it in the hope that it will serve you as well.  This meditation was taught to me by don Américo Yábar.

Transforming Personal Energy into Cosmic Energy:

  1. Stand comfortably with you hands to your side.
  2. Take three, comfortably full, breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through you mouth.  Pay exquisite attention to these breaths.
  3. Move your hands a few inches forward with your palms facing Pachamama.  Using your intent, connect your energy with the energy of Pachamama.
  4. When you feel that connection; bring your hands towards each other, turning your palms up, and raise that energy up to your heart, pausing when your hands are level with your heart.  Your hands are few inches in front of your heart, palms up, gently holding the energy there.
  5. Take three breaths, getting in touch with the energy of your heart.
  6. Now raise your arms and push your palms up toward the Cosmos, sending the energy into the Cosmos with your intent.
  7. After you have sent the energy, wait with your arms raised and your palms facing the Cosmos until you feel energy flowing back down into your palms from the Cosmos.  It helps to gently wave your hands a little, this awakens your spirituality and also makes it easier to detect the returning flow of energy.
  8. When you have connected to that energy, bring your hands down and gently place your palms on your breast over your heart, one hand on top of (covering) the other.
  9. Let the energy flow from your hands into your heart, and there transform that energy into love.
  10. Lower your hands with your palms facing Pachamama and send that loving energy into her.

Repeat steps 3 -10 two more times.  After the first time, you don’t need to pause and breathe when you raise the energy up to your heart, you can just connect briefly to your heart on the way up to the Cosmos.

You can use your breaths to support this meditation.  Breathe in when you are bringing energy in and breathe out when you are sending energy out.  Play around and see what works best for you.

Option:  instead of sending this loving Cosmic energy to the Pachamama on the last step, you can give it instead to another person or thing or place.   The meditation will be transforming your own energy as you do so.

Remember: you are an extension of the Cosmos.

Munay, Oakley

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  1. I love this. Simple but effective.

  2. Perfect for these unsettling days we all live in World wide…perfect always.

    Thank You !!

  3. Thank You ! Perfect.

  4. Had to print this one out. Thank you for your blog and great information. Blessings!

  5. I have a long standing favorite from your book. This may be a new favorite, love it, thanks

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