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Winds of your Soul

For a context for these cryptic quotes please see the post ‘The Flower of Experience’

“Reacting mechanically to our world relates us to our habits, our life is mechanical, and pessimism shows up. We look out the windows of our home, sigh, and say ‘one more day’. Open the door to your heart, to the winds of your soul, and you’ll say ‘what a beautiful day’. The little girl, who is salka, tending her alpacas and llamas at 15000 feet on the slopes of the Apu. She is not lonely or bored, she is content, she is joyful, connecting with the rocks, the trees, the animals, the Apus, the wind.”

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  1. So few words … but so much wisdom … so much beauty … so much joy!

    I love these ‘Flowers of Experience,’ really look forward to reading them (so I’m really looking forward to the book!). This one touched me with its simplicity and its poetry. It went straight to my heart.

    Thank you,


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