working with the female paqos from Qero.

Working with the ñustas (great feminine energies) at 15,000 feet.

Edited Feb. 22.  Information added for the benefit of the workshop participants.

Hi, on Saturday, Feb. 26th, I will be presenting a live, online, three-hour workshop and meditation practice on the Andean Cosmovision.  It will be an introductory presentation, although it will be informed by my recent thoughts on how to integrate the Cosmovision with our Western worldview.  I will be leading us through a few Andean meditations, and there will be time for questions and answers.  For more information and to signup for the workshop please visit  here.

Workshop Support Material

Internet Resources
  • This blog (of course). To subscribe to be notified of additions to this blog please see the “profile” link in the upper right hand side of each page.
  • Web page about my book: The Andean Cosmovision.
  • Web page that serves as the hub of my internet presence: Salka Wind

Ayni is the Andean principle of reciprocity, when you give you receive, and when you receive you give, and thus balance is maintained. By paying for this workshop you have established ayni with me for my work in putting it together. You have also established ayni with the Andean people, for I give half of what I earn from teaching the Andean Cosmovision, and half the royalties from my book, to the people of Peru who have so open-heartedly shared their Cosmovision with the West. Thus, you have also nourished a big circle of ayni between our cultures, a beautiful thing if you ask me.

Other ways to give Ayni for this work:

  • If you would like to give me ayni for my work in maintaining and adding to this blog you can go to the Donate page.  I will  give half of what you donate to the people of Peru and enjoy the other half myself.
  • I am the vice-president of Kenosis Spirit Keepers, a non-profit organization whose mission is to honor and preserve the integrity of Indigenous wisdom and sacred cultural practices by providing cross-cultural exchanges, education, and community-building opportunities. Our focus to date has been mainly on the Hopi, the Mayan, and the Q’ero of Peru. For more info and to donate please visit:
  • Another excellent non-profit that I whole-heartedly support is The Heart Walk Foundation. The Heart Walk Foundation partners with indigenous Q’ero communities in Peru on projects that strengthen food security, education, health, and respect for traditional cultural practices. For more info and to donate please visit:

And then there is our ayni with the Cosmos.  You can give small offerings (“haywariskas”) to the Pachamama, to the Apus, to Mama Cocha, to whomever.  Give them as you would give flowers to a loved one.

Useful Terms
  • Ayni: “reciprocity”.  See the posts  Ayni and Ayni Revisited
  • Salka:  “undomesticated energy”.  See the post Salka.
  • Intent:  pragmatically, “intent” can be thought of as “sincere pretending”.  See the posts:  Intent and Deep Intent.
  • Pachamama:  the great Being who is our mother the planet earth.
  • Apus:  the great Beings who are the majestic mountain peaks.
  • Tai Tai Inti:  the great Being who is the sun.
  • Mama Tuta:  the great Being who is mother night, the dark, the void, who holds the stars in her embrace.
  • Mama Cocha:  the great Being who is the ocean.
  • Mama Killa:  the great Being who is our moon.
  • Some nice meditation phrases:
    • Chaskiwaiku:  please receive our energy.
    • Yanapawaiku:  please help us.
    • Nantakichawaiku:  please open our path for us.
  • Three energy centers:   See the post The Three Centers of Being (Part 1)
    • llankay:   the center of our physical body and our ability to bring things into manifestation. The llankay is located a few finger breadths below the navel and a couple of inches inside the body.
    • munay: where we can sense our connection with the Cosmos and feel the underlying vibrational frequency of the Cosmic filaments, which is love. The munay is located in the region of our heart.
    • yachay:  the center of the intellect from which our thoughts arise. It is located in the crown of our head.
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