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Love to Pachamama

Here is a little meditative-like process that I like to use in my presentations to give people who have never experienced the Andean Cosmovision a taste of what it is all about. I introduce it at some point after I have talked about the Pachamama. First, I explain a little about intent as a matter of sincere pretending. Then I invite them to uncross their legs and arms and to sit comfortably erect in their chairs (so that their spines form a good conduit to the flow of energy from the Cosmos to the Pachamama). I then mention that they might find it useful to close their eyes.

Once they have settled I invite them to–with intent–open the energy field at the top of their head and let the energy of the Cosmos flow down through the top of their head and into their heart. I pause for a moment to let them do that, then I invite them to transform the energy flowing into their heart into love. And then, after another pause, I invite them to send this love down through their spine and into the Pachamama, giving her that love. I invite them to continue to let the energy flow into their head, down to their heart, transform it into love, and let that love flow into the Pachamama. I then mention that they might begin to feel love from the Pachamama flowing back up into their heart.

With my own intent I always go through the process as I am talking them through it, so that I am having the experience I am inviting them to have, I suspect this helps them to have the experience as well. I am amazed by how many people who have never done anything like this before can follow along and experience the flow and transformation of the energy and feel the love of the Pachamama. It is like…well…magic.

Opening up to the flow of energy, transforming it into love, receiving love back from the Pachamama, these are basic processes of being a paqo, and it can really be so simple.

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  1. I am familiar with the Andean meditations, but never have I heard them described so clearly and concisely as you describe them. I am especially fond of this one. Thank you for your contributions to clarifying the Andean Cosmovision for others.

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