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Moment of Intent this Solstice

I have just received an email from a waiki in Europe letting me know that people there will be participating in a ‘moment of pure intent‘ this Friday at 17:30 GMT (equivalent U.S. times provided below) and inviting us to join in.  This is an opportunity for us all to be meditating and/or offering despachos at the same time; connecting with each other, with the Pachamama, with the Cosmos,  to contribute our own personal intent (e.g. the freeing of salka in the world; healing for the planet, for the waters, for the people who are suffering; the blossoming into wisdom of our species) to the ever-present flow of the Cosmos.

December 21, 2012

2:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time (US)

12:30 pm Mountain Daylight Time (US)

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A Timely Meditation

I would like to gently recommend the following:

Today, tomorrow, for the next few days. Sit down on the Pachamama, whether you can sit outside or on the floor of your house. Put your hands on the Pachamama. With your intent (sincere pretending) connect with her energy. Let your awareness flow into her. Connect with the flow of the change that is occurring. Become one with that flow.

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While I learned this unnamed meditation from don Americo it seems to fit the definition of a saiwachakuy as described in Joan Wilcox’s excellent book Masters of the Living Energy, so I am calling it that. On the whole, the meditations I have covered in this blog help us explore the full essence of who we are, or nourish the beauty and quality of our dance with Nature and the rest of the Cosmos, or both. This meditation to me feels more like a service to the Cosmos and the Pachamama. It returned to my meditative practice after hurricane Sandy and it feels like something well worth doing both as a response to that as well as for upcoming times of change.

I usually begin with the Touching Pachamama and Releasing Hucha meditations (the latter also fits Wilcox’s description of a saiwachakuy). The meditation then proceeds as described below. I do this while sitting on the Pachamama.

With intent (sincere pretending) open the energy center at the crown of your head and let the refined energy of the Cosmos flow down through your head and into your munay. When the energy enters your munay use your intent to transform the energy into love. Open up the energy center at the bottom of your spine and let the love flow into the Pachamama. For as long as you like sit there and serve as the conduit of energy from the Cosmos to the Pachamama, transforming the energy into love as it flows through your munay.

Joan Wilcox describes a saiwachakuy as a column of energy that connects the the three worlds of the janaq pacha, kay pacha, and uju pacha.  In this meditation I frame it as being the Cosmos, our own body right here and now, and the Pachamama (which is how I learned it from Americo).  Joan describes a saiwachakuy as being an important service we can provide at this time of necessary and inevitable change.  When I do this meditation it feels like an act of love for the Pachamama and the Cosmos. I have an “I’m happy to exist just so I can do this” moment. If you play with it I would appreciate hearing your own experiences.

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The Cross

Some days the magic happens, and some days it doesn’t.‘ Chief Dan George in the movie Little Big Man

Some months the writing flows, and some months it doesn’t.‘ Me

While I’m rewriting the posts for my book I thought I would add to the blog by sharing some more meditations. These come from my notes from earlier workshops with don Americo back when he used to come to the United States. I have been culling them from my notes and sharing them in the salka classes I have been teaching, giving us a chance to explore the meditations and the effects they have on us. The following is one we have liked quite a bit, and yes (everyone say this in unison) it is quite simple.

This meditation is about the horizontal and vertical aspects of our existence. They meet at our heart.

I recommend you prepare your energy and self for this meditation in the usual way. First, get in touch with the Pachamama (Touching Pachamama) to organize your energy and to get into harmony with her energy. Then, rid yourself of hucha (Releasing Hucha). Once in that space just relax for a bit and be where you are, there is no rush.

Now stand and slowly spread your arms out wide to your side as if to give the whole Cosmos an embrace. Get in touch with your life here on this planet spread out horizontally in front of you, your triumphs and failures, your joys and despairs, your hopes and disappointments, your optimism and worries, your serenity and your anxieties and your pain. Slowly gather all of your life in with your arms in a big embrace and bring it into your heart with your hands. When it enters your heart let your energy flow now vertically…and transcend. Savor that experience for a while. Then, if you wish, repeat the process again, slowly, as many times as you wish.

The ‘meaning’ of this meditation is the effect it has on your own personal experience. It doesn’t matter what other people get out of this, it is how it affects you that counts.  From your experience decide if this is something you would like more of in your life.  Enjoy.  Oakley.

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There I Am!

(I have edited this since first posting it, including changing its title).

For a long time I’ve been going to a special place in the woods by a mountain stream. There, over many visits, I go through the various meditations I have learned from don Americo, including one of the simplest: ‘Go to a place in nature, open up your energy, connect to that place, still your internal dialog, and just be there, not-doing.’ I also–on an intermittent basis–practice as I take my walk some of the meditations I have learned from Eckhart Tolle; to become completely present in the now, to become aware of my own presence, to be aware of being the Being who is experiencing the world. Tolle also speaks of the great benefit of being totally present in a beautiful spot in nature as a way to experience who we really are.

I follow this path because at some deep level it resonates in beauty within me, just below the threshold of hearing my heart sings, even my intellect smiles and says “I don’t understand what is going on but I like it'”. This keeps me going, even though for me the momentous moments on the path are few and far between.

The other day I was sitting by the stream with my close friends who are walking this salka path with me. It was one of those internal dialog days where my mind just doesn’t seem to want to shut up its chattering and let more of who I am inform my experience. We went through a couple of internal-dialog-stopping meditations, and when we finished my internal dialog was quieter, but still nattering on. As we sat and chatted for a while by the stream I found myself withdrawing from the conversation. I was feeling such a strong desire to connect with the river and with the trees on the other side and with the cliff that towers up behind them. As I let my energy, my filaments, connect to the Nature around me my internal dialog faded away. Then for a brief moment my experience shifted in a way that is beyond words, but led to me exclaiming to myself (imagine a tone of fond affection and pleasant delight), “Oh…there I am!”.

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