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Yay, yay, yay! My book (The Andean Cosmovision) is coming out this month (July)

My  book “The Andean Cosmovision”  is finally finished, I can hardly believe it.  Americo has been encouraging me to write this book for years.  It was such a big project I couldn’t get going on it until a friend of mine suggested that I write it in individual pieces as posts on a blog, which led to this Salka Wind Blog. I thought the process of turning those posts into a book would be relatively trivial but it has taken more than a year.  I rewrote the material, added some new information, and put it in an order that allows the later concepts and meditations to build upon the earlier ones.  I love it.

The book will be available both as a paperback and as an ebook.  The exact date of the release has yet to be determined but it should be sometime during the last half of July.  I will announce here when you can obtain a copy.

Front Cover

Back Cover


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Connecting with Pachamama

Almost all of the meditations I have shared involve connecting with the Pachamama.  In this post I would just like to share a simple thing that I have found to be useful, it again comes from don Americo Yabar.

There are some meditations, both in the Andean Cosmovision and in other traditions, that take our consciousness ‘way out there’.  Before embarking on such a journey spend a moment connecting to the Pachamama.  Using your intent ask the Pachamama to connect her filaments to your filaments as an anchor that will remain while you soar. This makes it easier to come all the way back when you have finished your journey.  Isn’t she loving?

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Saiwachakuy (Upward)

This is one of my favorite meditations these days. It is related to the earlier meditation simply called Saiwachakuy which involves a downwards flow of energy.

For this meditation I begin by sitting on the Pachamama, and then I usually do the Touching Pachamama and Releasing Hucha meditations to prepare my energy.

The energy flowing into and out of the Pachamama loves to spiral. With your intent (sincere pretending) open up the energy center at the base of your spine and let the energy of the Pachamama spiral up through your spine and out of the top of your head. Experience the energy spiraling through your llankay (the energetic center of your physical body located just below your navel) and picking up the energy of the llankay, then spiraling through your munay (the energetic center of love located in your heart) and picking up its energy, and spiraling through your yachay (the energetic center of your intellect located in your head), and picking up its energy and then spiraling out through the top of your head and up into the Cosmos.

Follow the energy as it spirals up. If you are sitting in nature pause to honor the trees and animals and streams around you. Follow the spiraling energy further up to where it reaches the levels of the Apus (the great beings who are the majestic mountain peaks on the planet), pause to acknowledge and honor your favorite Apus, one by one, by name. Follow the energy as it continues to spiral higher, up to Mama Killa (the great being who is our moon) and ask her to connect with and bless your feminine energy. Follow the energy higher until it reaches Tai Tai Inti (the great being who is our sun) and ask him to connect with and bless your masculine energy. Now follow the column of spiraling energy all the way up to the stars.

We each have a star connected to our llankay, honor the star connected to your llankay and ask it to guide your physical body. We have a star connected to our munay, honor that star and ask it to guide your heart. We have a star connected to our yachay, honor that star and ask it to guide your intellect. We have a star connected to the right side of our body, honor that star and ask it to guide you in your everyday life. We have a star connected to the left side of our body, honor that waiki and ask it to help you keep in touch with the vast, ineffable, mystery and beauty of the Cosmos.

And finally, follow the spiral of energy all the way to Mama Tuta, the dark, the void, the night, who holds the stars in her embrace. You may ask her for assistance in walking your path.

Stay for as long as you would like, experiencing this spiraling column of energy, and letting it inform your experience of who you are in this incredible Cosmos.

Option One: after you have followed this flow of energy from the Pachamama all the way to Mama Tuta, follow the spiraling energy that flows in the opposite direction, back down from Mama Tuta, past the stars that hold the blueprints of our perfect being, past Tai Tai Inti, past Mama Killa, past the Apus, and down through your head and into your munay, where it picks up the vibrations of your love, and then down back into the Pachamama.  Savor that for as long as you want.

Option Two: I usually don’t combine other paths with the Andean one but I often like to incorporate the chakras into this meditation. As the energy flows up through my base chakra I have it pick up a band of red color, and through the second chakra a band of orange, and through the third a band of yellow, and through the fourth a band of green, and through the fifth a band of blue, and through the sixth a band of indigo, and through the seventh a band of violet, so that as the spiraling energy emerges through the top of my head it is a rainbow.  Then I proceed as described above.  My thanks to Karen Cottingham for suggesting this option.

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The Four Elements Meditation

Our ego consists of all the thoughts and beliefs we have about our self. A description, no matter how detailed, is not the same thing as what it is describing. All of the thoughts we have about who we are not the same thing as who we really are. We are much more mysterious than our thoughts can possibly encompass.

For this meditation it helps to be out into Nature, that is not necessary but in my experience it leads to a richer experience.  Enjoy!

Begin by using your intent (sincere pretending) to greet the element of earth (Pachamama). Connect with the earth, with your intent and an out breath send your filaments into the earth. Then bring your awareness to the earth inside of you, for much of our body is made up of elements of the earth. With your intent feel the unity of the earth upon which you stand and the earth within yourself.

Next, using your intent, greet the element of water. With an out breath connect your filaments to the rivers, the lakes, the oceans, the rain. Bring your awareness to the water inside of you, feel the unity of the waters upon the earth and the water within yourself.

Next, greet the element of fire. With an out breath connect your filaments to all of the fires burning on the planet, and with Tai Tai Inti (the great spiritual Being who is the sun). Bring your awareness to the slow fire within yourself that is your metabolism, feel the oneness of the fires upon the earth and the fire within yourself.

Next, greet the element of air. With an out breath connect your filaments to the air around you and any wind or breeze that may be caressing your body, connect to the immense movement of air around this planet. Bring your awareness to the air within yourself, flowing in and out of your lungs, and in and out of your bloodstream as it flows to and from all of your cells, feel the unity of the air upon the earth and the air within yourself.

And finally, let your energy expand vertically, down into the ground and up toward the Cosmos, until you become the Tree of Life.


…If you only read this meditation you won’t get it, it’s not about who we think we are, it is not about the concept that we are made up of the four elements. If you do this meditation you may experience some of your Being that is beyond thought. The ego is good, we need our ego to operate in this life, it is just helpful to not get too attached to it. The goal is not to get rid of the ego but to explore who we are beyond it, for this our ego needs to be willing to play second fiddle.

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The Delicate Flower

There is a delicate flower of freedom within each of us that must be protected and nourished if it is to blossom. Our society does not know of this flower. Nature does. You nourish this flower when you sit next to the river, or connect your energy to the stars, or fly with the condors, or talk to the Pachamama.

I just got back from Peru, and this is all I can say right now.

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