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Yay, yay, yay! My book (The Andean Cosmovision) is coming out this month (July)

My  book “The Andean Cosmovision”  is finally finished, I can hardly believe it.  Americo has been encouraging me to write this book for years.  It was such a big project I couldn’t get going on it until a friend of mine suggested that I write it in individual pieces as posts on a blog, which led to this Salka Wind Blog. I thought the process of turning those posts into a book would be relatively trivial but it has taken more than a year.  I rewrote the material, added some new information, and put it in an order that allows the later concepts and meditations to build upon the earlier ones.  I love it.

The book will be available both as a paperback and as an ebook.  The exact date of the release has yet to be determined but it should be sometime during the last half of July.  I will announce here when you can obtain a copy.

Front Cover

Back Cover


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Confessing to Nature

As I start wrapping up the book I am writing on the Andean Cosmovision I am spinning out a few topics that I haven’t addressed yet in this blog…

If you have something you need to confess, to get off your chest, go to nature and confess it out loud to a tree, or to a stream, or to a bird, or a cliff, or to Tai Tai Inti, or to Pachamama. By itself I don’t know if this would make a big difference, but as part of your changing relationship with Nature and the Cosmos it is a small but beautiful step. After many of these small steps you will begin to notice a change in yourself that arises from a change in the quality of your relationship with Nature.

By the way…when don Americo was suggesting this to us he also mentioned in passing that we are allowed to make the exact same mistake in our lives three times before we have to start feeling like an idiot. I hope you read this blog during the ‘cut yourself some slack’ week.

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