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Las Estrellas (The Stars)

“When we are born we have a star connected to our wisdom (yachay), a star connected to our heart (munay), and a star connected to our physical body (llankay). Everyone has their own three stars.” Don Americo Yabar.

The meditation that I would like to share in this post is one that two or three people can do together. I like it quite a bit. It is a rather advanced meditation, in the sense that it builds upon the experiences that are available in other meditations, and it also involves a larger than usual number of steps.

I think you’ll get more out of this meditation if you have already had some experience in getting in touch with your three centers of Being. The Tuning the Three Centers of Being meditation is a good place to start. It might also be nice to have already had the experience of touching the stars connected to each of your centers, which is available through the Saiwachakuy (Upward) meditation. It is not like some part of your body is going to fall off if you do this meditation without those experiences, it is just that I think you will get more out of it if you have had those other experiences first. But then maybe that is just because that is the sequence in which I learned these things. We are all explorers.

As usual I recommend that you first prepare your energy by doing the Touching Pachamama meditation and then the Releasing Hucha meditation, these take just a few minutes.

I will describe this meditation as if two people are doing it, then I’ll describe how it can be adapted for three people. In this meditation the two people take different roles, one person has the more active role of going through the steps and serving as a conduit for the flow of energy, the other person simply receives the energy. When you are finished you switch roles and go through it again.  The meditation is done with you both standing.  In the description below I use the term waiki, which is an affectionate way to refer to a friend (it is an Anglicized form of a Quechua term that Americo uses to refer with fondness to people of both sexes).

Before you start notice how you feel, what your energy is like, how it feels to be you. This serves as the baseline for understanding the effect of the meditation.

If you are the recipient, then with your intent (sincere pretending) connect to Pachamama through your feet and to the Cosmos through the top of your head, and attend to your experience during the meditation.  That is all you need to do.

Now on to what the other person does:

  1. Place both of your hands on Pachamama and with your intent (sincere pretending) connect with her energy.
  2. Reach up with either hand and with intent connect to the star that is connected to your waiki’s llankay. Place your other hand on your waiki’s  llankay (a couple of inches below the navel). Let the energy flow from the star down through you and into the llankay. Hold that intent for a minute or so, feeling the flow of the energy.
  3. Connect with Pachamama again.
  4. Reach up with one hand and connect to the star that is connected to your waiki’s munay. Place your other hand on your waiki’s munay (heart). When working with a woman I usually ask her to place my hand on her munay so that she may place it where she feels comfortable being touched. Let the energy flow from the star down through you and into your waiki’s munay. Hold that intent for a minute or so.
  5. Connect with Pachamama again.
  6. Reach up with one hand and connect to the star that is connected to your waiki’s yachay. Place you other hand on your waiki’s yachay (very top of the forehead). Continue with the intent of being a conduit to this energy, and feel it flowing through you. Hold that intent for a minute or so.
  7. Connect with Pachamama again.
  8. Reach up with both hands and connect to the energy of all the stars. When you have collected that energy gently take your waiki’s hands in yours and blow that energy into both of your waiki’s palms.
  9. Connect with Pachamama again.
  10. Position yourself between your waiki and Tai Tai Inti (the great Being who is our sun) and face Tai Tai Inti. Connect with his energy through your hands. Kneel and blow that energy into Pachamama, as if into a small hole, into the uju pacha, honoring the star that is closest to us all.
  11. Both of you now take a moment to notice what your energy is like, what it is like to be you right now. The shift in your experience from before the meditation to how you are now is the sole meaning of this meditation.

Now switch roles and go through the process again.

If you are doing this as a trio simply have two people in the active role, working in unison, one works with the three energy centers on the front of the recipient’s body and the other on the back of the recipient’s body.

I pulled this meditation from memory one day while my waiki’s and I were meditating in the woods and I was trying to remember a process I hadn’t shared with them yet that we could do while standing up (to keep out of the mud). We valued the experience (blown away may be a better term) and revisited it a few times over the next couple of months. When I later went back through my notes from my workshops with don Americo I discovered that I hadn’t remembered it exactly like he taught it. He had the waiki who is receiving the energy lie on the ground on his or her back. When the other waiki gathered the energy from each star, rather than raising one hand and putting the other on an energy center, don Americo had us gather that star’s energy with both hands and then lean over and blow that energy into the waiki’s corresponding energy center. If you try one of these two ways of doing the meditation and value the experience, then you might want to explore the other way as well.

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Connecting with Pachamama

Almost all of the meditations I have shared involve connecting with the Pachamama.  In this post I would just like to share a simple thing that I have found to be useful, it again comes from don Americo Yabar.

There are some meditations, both in the Andean Cosmovision and in other traditions, that take our consciousness ‘way out there’.  Before embarking on such a journey spend a moment connecting to the Pachamama.  Using your intent ask the Pachamama to connect her filaments to your filaments as an anchor that will remain while you soar. This makes it easier to come all the way back when you have finished your journey.  Isn’t she loving?

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Connecting with a Tree

For this meditation I like to start off already pretty much in my left-side (lloqe) energy. I often, therefore, do this one after one or more of the other meditations.

Sit or stand with your back against a tree, connecting with as much of your spine as you can comfortably. With intent (sincere pretending), connect your energy to the Pachamama through the base of your spine (if sitting) or through your feet (if standing), then connect to the energy of the Cosmos through the crown of your head. Now, let your filaments commingle with the filaments of the tree. Connect with the consciousness of the tree and discover what arises.

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Connecting with the River

Two world views (both are valuable in the appropriate context): ask an engineer and a paqo to define pure water. The engineer may point at distilled water, a liquid that consists of nothing but H2O. The paqo may point at a spring where it bubbles out of the mountain slope; clear, cold, with dissolved minerals and perhaps bits of plants and insects.*

Go to a river, a river of pure water without industrial pollutants, flowing in its natural river bed. With intent greet your waiki (brother/sister) the river. Get in a comfortable position, for in this meditation being comfortable fits what we are about to do. Now, with your intent, open up your energy field and let your filaments commingle with the filaments of the river. Then just relax, let the flowing energy of the river cleanse your energy of any hucha you may have, and let the river teach you about the flow of energy.

When you are finished remember, not out of obligation but out of love, to complete the circle of ayni. Pour a little alcohol into the river, or toss three red and three white flowers into the river, and thank it for being your waiki. The first time I did this the sense I received back was, ‘Oh! Wow! Thanks, it’s been a long time since anyone has done that.’ and the river sparkled a little more brightly in the light of Tai Tai Inti.

All over the Andes, the people stretch out like lizards on the rocks next to the river, cleaning their energy.

* From a story told to me by don Americo.

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The Four Elements Meditation

Our ego consists of all the thoughts and beliefs we have about our self. A description, no matter how detailed, is not the same thing as what it is describing. All of the thoughts we have about who we are not the same thing as who we really are. We are much more mysterious than our thoughts can possibly encompass.

For this meditation it helps to be out into Nature, that is not necessary but in my experience it leads to a richer experience.  Enjoy!

Begin by using your intent (sincere pretending) to greet the element of earth (Pachamama). Connect with the earth, with your intent and an out breath send your filaments into the earth. Then bring your awareness to the earth inside of you, for much of our body is made up of elements of the earth. With your intent feel the unity of the earth upon which you stand and the earth within yourself.

Next, using your intent, greet the element of water. With an out breath connect your filaments to the rivers, the lakes, the oceans, the rain. Bring your awareness to the water inside of you, feel the unity of the waters upon the earth and the water within yourself.

Next, greet the element of fire. With an out breath connect your filaments to all of the fires burning on the planet, and with Tai Tai Inti (the great spiritual Being who is the sun). Bring your awareness to the slow fire within yourself that is your metabolism, feel the oneness of the fires upon the earth and the fire within yourself.

Next, greet the element of air. With an out breath connect your filaments to the air around you and any wind or breeze that may be caressing your body, connect to the immense movement of air around this planet. Bring your awareness to the air within yourself, flowing in and out of your lungs, and in and out of your bloodstream as it flows to and from all of your cells, feel the unity of the air upon the earth and the air within yourself.

And finally, let your energy expand vertically, down into the ground and up toward the Cosmos, until you become the Tree of Life.


…If you only read this meditation you won’t get it, it’s not about who we think we are, it is not about the concept that we are made up of the four elements. If you do this meditation you may experience some of your Being that is beyond thought. The ego is good, we need our ego to operate in this life, it is just helpful to not get too attached to it. The goal is not to get rid of the ego but to explore who we are beyond it, for this our ego needs to be willing to play second fiddle.

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