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A Few Thoughts

Just a few thoughts I would like to share this morning.

There are ideas, or phrases, or concepts from my readings in the past that still inform my life toward beauty. I find, at times, that when I go back and find the exact words that I read so long ago that my memory of them is not correct, and that I like my memory’s version more than the original words. This, I suppose, is the power of an oral tradition over a written one. The following two thoughts originate in the writings of Carlos Castaneda.

  • Humility, the sense that we are less than others, is as much a product of our ego as the sense of being superior. Rather than having humility as a goal, seek instead for humbleness. Bow your head to no one, and let no one bow their head to you.
  • When it really counts, when you really need it, words (and concepts and beliefs) will let you down.

One semester when I was teaching a class in the psychology department there was a student with whom I had a very difficult time communicating. It was as if we were from two different planets, it was obvious to me that I didn’t understand his questions and it appeared that he didn’t understand my answers. At one point he mentioned he was a philosophy major and I replied that I personally would never trust a philosophy that could be put into words. That was a defining moment for us.

Today, like everyday, I wake up lonely and afraid. Pass by the door to the study. Take down a musical instrument. Let what you love be what you do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the earth. (my paraphrase of a poem by Rumi)

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A Great Mystery

For a context for these cryptic quotes please see the post ‘The Flower of Experience’

Love your body as a great mystery.

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In Darkness and Confined

For a context for these cryptic quotes please see the post ‘The Flower of Experience’

The seed may feel that it is a prisoner in the earth, encased in darkness and confined, but it is being guarded while it germinates.

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The Delicate Flower

There is a delicate flower of freedom within each of us that must be protected and nourished if it is to blossom. Our society does not know of this flower. Nature does. You nourish this flower when you sit next to the river, or connect your energy to the stars, or fly with the condors, or talk to the Pachamama.

I just got back from Peru, and this is all I can say right now.

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Winds of your Soul

For a context for these cryptic quotes please see the post ‘The Flower of Experience’

“Reacting mechanically to our world relates us to our habits, our life is mechanical, and pessimism shows up. We look out the windows of our home, sigh, and say ‘one more day’. Open the door to your heart, to the winds of your soul, and you’ll say ‘what a beautiful day’. The little girl, who is salka, tending her alpacas and llamas at 15000 feet on the slopes of the Apu. She is not lonely or bored, she is content, she is joyful, connecting with the rocks, the trees, the animals, the Apus, the wind.”

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