Oakley Gordon, Ph.D.

Oakley Gordon, Ph.D.

Hi, welcome to the Salka Wind Blog.

Salka is a Quechua (the language of the Andes) term for “undomesticated energy”.  Salka is like a wind that blows through consensus reality from beyond, bringing us into contact with the great mystery and beauty of existence.  It is a fundamental aspect of the Andean Cosmovision.

The Andean Cosmovision is a way of perceiving and interacting with reality that is found in the indigenous culture of the high Andes. It is fundamentally different than the Western worldview. This Cosmovision is not a set of concepts or beliefs. It cannot be described or encompassed by words. It can, however, be experienced and it can be explored. This exploration is carried out through meditations which serve as portals for exploring new facets of ourselves and the Cosmos. These meditations also nourish a more loving and mutually-supportive relationship between ourselves and nature. Within this relationship we begin to blossom into the essence of who we each uniquely are.

For the past 22 years I have been exploring the Andean Cosmovision under the tutelage of my friend and mentor don Américo Yábar of Peru and Gayle  Yábar .  In my trips to Peru don  Américo has also arranged for me to work with numerous other indigenous paq’os (Andean mystics/shamans) and healers in Peru. I have shared with my culture what I have learned through papers and workshops at regional and international academic conferences (I am a professor of psychology). I have also written a some articles and have taught several hundred Andean (salka) meditation classes and workshops.  After many years of studying, writing, and teaching I finally felt prepared to write a book about the Andean Cosmovision.  I created this blog as a place where I could share rough drafts of the material that would eventually become my book.

My book has been published and I love it.  For more information on the book please see The Andean Cosmovision: A Path for Exploring Profound Aspects of Ourselves, Nature and the Cosmos.  I have decided to keep the rough drafts of the chapters available on this blog.  The book is better; I selected the best chapters for inclusion, rewrote them, added some more chapters, and put them in an order that makes (poetic) sense to me, but it is  important to me that this information remains available for free on the blog.  I also use this blog for other reasons, mainly to nourish the spread of salka on this planet.  I have started to post material that may be included in a second book.

So where to begin?  I have several suggestions.  As I write the posts I select what to write essentially based upon what I feel I can write at that time.  They are not in any logical order, although they may be in an intuitive order.  Some of the later posts assume you have read some of the earlier posts.  Here are some options:

  1. Start at the next post and just keep going forward through time.  If there is a post you are not interested in then skip it and read the next one.  Each post, including this one, has a “next post” link at the bottom so you can start here and work your way through them all.
  2. Start with the posts that are in the “Introduction” category.  The categories are listed in the menu on the right side of each post.  When you click on the category if shows you all of the posts that fall within the category.
  3. I have recently written a Table of Contents where I have organized the posts into topics.  You can use that to play around with what to read.  Within each topic the posts are listed in chronological order, so when visit a topic read the first post you haven’t read yet.  The Table of Contents is also availablein the menu that is  on the right side of each page.
  4. Sorry to plug my book again, but the book presents the information in an order that makes (artistic) sense to me.

For more information about Salka Wind, the origin of my work, recommended readings, links to interesting sites, longer articles I have written, and so on, please visit my Salka Wind Web Site.

I hope that this blog serves you well as a guide for exploring the Andean Cosmovision.


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